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Editorial 30 May 2023

Measuring Lightning

This paper demonstrated that many users of the Lightning Network failed to take adequate steps to protect the privacy of their information.

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Editorial 29 May 2023

Anonymity is the place of cowards and crime

Satoshi Nakamoto's concept of anonymity is based on openness, as with the blockchain and its system of traceability, but it is also proposed for normative systems.

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Business 15 May 2023

BRC-20 tokens prove demand for on-chain exchange

BTC proved it could tokenize with BRC-20 hitting a $100 million market cap, shattering the 'crypto' industry's long-held assumption that it wasn't capable and opening a new era in the digital currency space.

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Business 28 March 2023

Difference between Bitcoin software, network, and protocol

When someone says “BSV” or “BTC” what is it that you think of? Is it the coin which is traded on an exchange? Is it the platform, upon which people develop blockchain applications? Is it the peer-to-peer network of nodes? Or is it the software that runs said nodes?

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Business 27 February 2023

Bitcoin and Securities: Law is coming

Liberty begins with personal responsibility leading to a culture of responsibility—have we seen this in the blockchain space? No, not by a long mile, Bitcoin Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.

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Editorial 27 February 2023

Why is the real Satoshi so feared and hated?

Dr. Craig Wright was hated because people tend to have an image of who Satoshi Nakamoto should be, one that runs against the law, the complete opposite of the Australian polymath.