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Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of Facebook
Tech 23 January 2024

Mark Zuckerberg shares Meta’s AI initiatives

Mark Zuckerberg's recent Instagram post can be seen as Meta's declaration that the company is preparing for a future where AI is integrated into every facet of human lives.

Concept of chat bot in modern business communication
Tech 17 January 2024

IMF analyzes AI’s impact on global workforce

The IMF's report concludes that AI can reshape the global economic landscape, but cautions that the shift must be managed carefully, focusing on inclusivity, equitable growth, and ethical standards.

data and digital network concept
Tech 10 January 2024

IPv6 Bitcoins-Certified Addresses

Creating one's address and verifying ownership have gotten simpler with the Bitcoin-Certified Addresses, a new technique that binds IPv6 to hosts' public keys at a reduced cost.

Futuristic robot artificial intelligence huminoid AI for industrial factory technology development and machine learning concept
Tech 5 January 2024

AI trend 2024: AI TVs, AI smartphones, and AI PCs

While many devices will have artificial intelligence capabilities in the near future, consumers still need to be conscious of whether the AI component of these devices is crucial in delivering a unique value proposition.