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Thoughts on current thing with friends like this with image of Kurt Wuckert Jr.
Editorial 6 October 2023

Thoughts on current thing

Amid the drama befalling the ecosystem, remember, you are either reading the opinions of a sock puppet army hell-bent on control of Bitcoin or views from a reclusive member of a seedy underground economy.

Kurt on The Motley Fool
Editorial 27 September 2023

A fool’s thoughts on BSV

Anders Bylund published an article called "1 Cryptocurrency to Avoid No Matter What," where he covered the typical fare of a baseline criticism of BSV while lionizing BTC's absurd governance.

Ben Armstrong and Kurt Wuckert Jr with bitcoins illustration
Editorial 13 September 2023

Ben Armstrong and the influencer problem

Ben Armstrong, like most people, got into Bitcoin because it was an intriguing tool for internet business, but he let himself get sucked into the seedy underbelly of the ‘crypto’ economy.

Digital art XRP illustration
Editorial 11 August 2023

The XRP judge got the securities law wrong

In the summary judgment, the judge in the Ripple case said that selling XRP tokens to institutional buyers constituted a sale of unregistered securities, but selling XRP tokens to the public did not.

Happy Big Blocks Day Banner from CoinGeek and BSV
Editorial 1 August 2023

A retrospective: The Bitcoin’s Big Split

Today, we remember the network wars and the struggles, and we celebrate the fact that amid it all, we are still here—celebrating Bitcoin's liberation from the control of the BTC Core cabal.

Bitcoin falling apart into binary numbers
Editorial 25 July 2023

Bitcoin is not ‘crypto’

There is no crypto in Bitcoin. When people use the word crypto, they are just using the short form for cryptography, which uses tools and codes to create messages intended only for the recipient.

Bitcoin session with black and white background and wooden base with portable background
Editorial 25 July 2023

1 satoshi fees are good for Bitcoin

Gone are the days of needing credit cards, exchange support, and stablecoins to acquire BSV—now, businesses can eat that tiny cost for their customers for literally fractions of a penny.