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Editorial 3 November 2020

3 Wrights don’t make a wrong

Like the Wright Flyer of 1903, BitCoin is an incredible elegant invention which is one of the greatest creations of our era, and possibly THE greatest, John Pitts writes.

Editorial 8 October 2020

Hey Max Keiser, Who’s the bigger con?

In the wake of John McAfee's arrest in Spain, alt-finance commentator Max Keiser asked his Twitter followers "Who's the bigger con? John McAfee or Craig Wright?"

Editorial 1 October 2020

How to scale Ethereum today?

With Ethereum 2.0 still at least 18 months away, the team behind sCrypt is proposing a practical solution that works today.

Editorial 28 September 2020

What comes next

The Bitcoin SV ecosystem debates endlessly consumer vs prosumer vs enterprise adoption—but the reality is after 12 years Bitcoin still hasn't had a breakout app, Brad Jasper writes.

Editorial 25 September 2020

The War on Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been furiously stifled by a brutal civil war for about five years now, waged by professional social engineers from some of the most powerful companies in the social media space.

Editorial 18 September 2020

Principles of engagement

For Bitcoin to grow, it needs a constant influx of new blood, new talent and pleasant interactive environments, Steve Shadders writes.

Editorial 8 September 2020

Only cash scales

The only network with a commitment to massive scale which can actually achieve it by being a cash-like system is Bitcoin SV, Jack Laskey writes.