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Editorial 14 December 2020

Gary Vee wants Bitcoin, not BTC

Gary Vaynerchuk was recently on the What Bitcoin Did podcast, where his ideas about Bitcoin were almost completely side-stepped and shot down.

Editorial 2 December 2020

Commodity barter is legal—so is BitCoin

BitCoin was legal at creation; commoditizing data with protocol rules violates no laws—anymore than inventing the container, John Pitts writes.

Editorial 30 November 2020

Bitcoiners don’t get Bitcoin’s security

Unlike BSV supporters who champion the utility of BSV, BTC supporters tend to use some variant of the “money-printing” thesis as a justification for the value of the extremely limited version of Bitcoin which they prefer.

Editorial 25 November 2020

Why the market bubble is back

The digital currency markets are back in a bubble, since September, digital currency prices have been steadily rising–here's why.

Editorial 25 November 2020

Fraud of the century?

There is only one candidate for fraud of the century, and it isn’t Dr. Craig Wright, Unbounded Capital’s Jack Laskey writes.

Editorial 19 November 2020

Kurt’s personal blog. An announcement

Kurt Wuckert Jr. shares his thoughts on the current state of the Bitcoin ecosystem, and why he feels the call to help right the wrongs of Bitcoin.

Editorial 19 November 2020

That time Nasdaq delisted Netflix; A fable

Two years after Bitcoin Independence Day, the BCH camp now faces a further split, and we’ve once again witnessed digital asset exchanges choose sides, Paul Rajchgod writes.

Editorial 11 November 2020

CoinDesk is lying about the ElectrumSV bug

CoinDesk and Gregory Maxwell have teamed up to misrepresent the nature and scope of a bug in an ElectrumSV script for an experimental multisig wallet type, Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.