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Free the Data
Editorial 21 November 2023

Free the data!

Social media CEOs from tech giants like Twitter and Facebook were able to build some of the greatest wealth (and power) in the world's history by selling their users' aggregate data.

Bitchat front page
Tech 21 September 2022

Bitchat lives on

Bitchat is a revival of an _unwriter application launched in early 2019. This time, Bitchat relies on more robust infrastructure and protocols, such as the imminent JungleBus API, and Bitcoin Schema protocols.

Cooperate or compete?
Editorial 1 October 2021

Cooperate or compete?

With the protocol wars complete (and BSV handily ahead of the pack), the competition has moved up to business application and service level competition, Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.

Tech 17 September 2020 – Create. Curate. Earn.

Bitpost is yet another attempt at filling the gaping blogging hole that Bitcoin SV has had for quite some time now, Joshua Henslee writes.

Business 24 July 2020

Twetch vs. PowPing: To tip or to pay?

Rival business models are exploring microtransactions for consumer apps on Bitcoin SV as replacements for ‘surveillance capitalism.

Business 17 July 2020

The CoinGeek Pulse: Episode 4

This week in digital currency and blockchain, we see the winds of greater regulation start to blow across the sector.