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Business 8 March 2021

Why we invested in UNISOT

UNISOT understands Bitcoin’s potential to play this role in our highly interconnected global economy, is first to pursue Bitcoin for these ends, and has an experienced team capable of realizing this vision.

Business 20 January 2021

Bitcoin unlocks the future of gaming

Haste is serving as a proof-of-concept for a powerful incentive mechanism that can be used for countless future games and other applications, Unbounded Capital’s Dave Mullen-Muhr writes.

Interviews 29 December 2020

CoinGeek Backstage: Zach Resnick and Jackson Laskey

In this episode, Zach Resnick and Jackson Laskey join Kurt Wuckert Jr. and Patrick Thompson to talk about Unbounded Capital and Unbounded Enterprise, and the role venture capitalists play in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Editorial 30 November 2020

Bitcoiners don’t get Bitcoin’s security

Unlike BSV supporters who champion the utility of BSV, BTC supporters tend to use some variant of the “money-printing” thesis as a justification for the value of the extremely limited version of Bitcoin which they prefer.

Editorial 25 November 2020

Fraud of the century?

There is only one candidate for fraud of the century, and it isn’t Dr. Craig Wright, Unbounded Capital’s Jack Laskey writes.

Tech 23 November 2020

An election integrity silver bullet

Verifiable electronic voting using Merkle trees could be the foundation of a silver bullet that remedies the complaints of both sides in the election integrity debate, Unbounded Capital’s Dave Mullen-Muhr writes.