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‘It’s time’: Kurt Wuckert Jr. discusses how the Bitcoin ecosystem is growing

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The time for the Bitcoin ecosystem to grow is here, and the BSV blockchain is equipped to meet global demand, says Kurt Wuckert Jr. In an interview with CoinGeek Backstage, Kurt talked about what Bitcoin needs for mainstream adoption, building versus speculation and GorillaPool.

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Wuckert was one of the speakers at the Unbounded Capital Investor Summit in New York, where he talked about Bitcoin’s evolution over the years, mining BSV, and more. In an interview with CoinGeek Backstage reporter Becky Liggero, he pointed out that Bitcoin has been the victim of the ‘chicken and egg’ dilemma.

For years, blockchain technology has needed to attract massive numbers of users to take off. However, an inability to scale would have rendered most networks unusable if they attracted these numbers.

Wuckert believes this challenge is behind us now.

Teranode is out in 2024—we’re talking huge benchmark numbers, and it’s time to bring in those customers. It’s time to go!” he stated.

Gaming is one of the sectors that have embraced blockchain technology, with the BSV ecosystem boasting some of the largest success stories in the blockchain space. Gaming, Wuckert says, could be the killer application that takes Bitcoin to the masses.

“Gaming is bigger than the NFL, or the NBA, or MLB, or Hollywood. This is not small fries; gaming is big business.”

But whether it’s gaming, social media, or supply chain management, the most critical feature for BSV is an open protocol. Traditional tech giants thrive on data silos and closed ecosystems, “but if we’re going to be truly disruptive, it needs to be about the democratization of data and giving people the opportunity to take delivery of the things they own digitally,” Wuckert told CoinGeek Backstage.

“Without it, we don’t have a differentiator,” he added.

Keeping our heads down and building

One of the questions that Wuckert faces constantly is, “Why is it taking so long?” In the blockchain world, most projects are built for short-term success, and in most cases, this success comes in the form of price spikes.

However, the BSV ecosystem’s approach is different. The focus is on sustainable long-term success, which isn’t popular with the speculators.

“While everyone else is having a great time and making easy money, BSV people have been working hard on infrastructure, research, and development, keeping our heads down and truly doing the hard work. We’re the only blockchain that can actually do what any of them claim they can do.”

Wuckert is the co-founder of Gorilla Pool, a BSV miner and transaction processor that has grown to become one of the key players in the field. It enables retail users to get involved with BSV mining without the hassle of setting up and maintaining ASIC rigs.

While digital asset mining has been dominated by the big institutional players, Wuckert acknowledged the importance of retail users mining too. “Every single person who puts money into ASIC mining makes the network objectively better,” he noted.

While it’s a lucrative venture that can net investors profits, BSV mining has an even bigger purpose—it sets the infrastructure that allows all the groundbreaking app builders to move forward.

On why mine BSV and not BTC, which is much higher in price, Wuckert pointed out that BSV’s upside is much higher. To record a 300% price surge, BTC would need to hit close to $120,000, while BSV only needs to hit $150.

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