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Highly anticipated Unbounded Capital Summit returns to Dream Downtown NYC on September 21

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Returning to New York City’s Dream Downtown, the second Unbounded Capital Summit will take place on Thursday, September 21. Last year’s event was a resounding success, bringing together entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors in the scalable blockchain space with a theme of “showing” vs. “telling” what this technology can do.

This year’s theme is similar, but with even more diversity in attendance and exciting projects to reveal. Event Founder Zach Resnick was delighted to share with CoinGeek his main goals for the Unbounded Capital Summit’s second edition.

“I am focused on connecting extraordinary founders with thoughtful professional investors in early stage companies, connecting investors in funds with fund managers, educating everyone attending on the power of scalable blockchains and how companies are leveraging them today, and to do all of this while having a great time!” he shared.

While a great time was certainly had by all last year, we also enjoyed the variety of speakers, another treat attendees can count on in 2023.

“Expect another keynote on the history of blockchain from Kurt Wuckert Jr., primarily entrepreneurs in gaming and in fintech presenting their companies, and several no BS panels from investors telling the audience how they see the world with no holds barred,” Resnick revealed.

For me, the Unbounded Capital Summit represents an opportunity to connect with blockchain professionals I know and love from events I’ve attended in the past, in addition to meeting new folks in person, such as Garrett Krause, a guest on one of Wuckert Jr.’s recent CoinGeek livestreams and Joshua Henslee’s latest CoinGeek Roundtable.

“I am excited because I am new to the BSV ecosystem, and I have been warmly welcomed to the community, and this will be my first event where I will talk about my future building on BSV,” Krause shared.

Krause’s session will cover the Tokenized protocol and ecosystem he and the Tokenized team will be building around and how they will be the first to bring real-world assets to the BSV blockchain. He will also cover the launch of TroyMoney.

“Both are projects that I have a lot of passion for and are solutions for real-world problems,” he said.

Joe DePinto, co-founder of Haste Arcade, is another speaker I am excited to see, especially as he could not attend the London Blockchain Conference earlier this year.

“I’m excited to catch up with some of the founders I haven’t seen in a while and I’m also excited to meet new investors and entrepreneurs,” DePinto shared with me.

“I remember meeting Nicolas Ryan-Schreiber last year before he had launched Aym, and to see how much that platform has grown in less than a year, it just shows that you never know who you’re going to meet at these conferences,” DePinto went on to tell me.

Ryan-Schreiber, another of Wuckert Jr.’s past CoinGeek Livestream guests, is another person I cannot wait to meet in NYC this year.

In terms of DePinto’s presentation at the event, he’ll be talking about the three different products Haste has launched—Haste ArcadeTake It NFT, and JPEG Wars.

“I’ll give a quick description/demonstration of each product and why these products are unique/only possible because of blockchain technology. After that, I’ll talk about the traction each product has, marketing tactics that have been successful, and things we’ve struggled with in terms of growing adoption,” DePinto shared.

Another friendly face I missed at the London Blockchain Conference and can’t wait to catch up with in NYC is Alex Agut, CEO of HandCash.

“All Unbounded Summits have been great so far for us. We made a lot of connections with VCs and successful entrepreneurs who are interested in digital payments, video games, and disruptive innovations of all kinds. They do a great job gathering very interesting people in every edition,” Agut said.

Immediately following Resnick’s opening remarks on the next Unbounded Capital Summit, Agut’s presentation is first up for the day, and according to Agut, he will give the audience “a glimpse of the future of HandCash, with a bigger focus on becoming a great gaming platform, beyond just a simple crypto wallet.”

In addition to Krause, DePinto, and Agut, many more amazing speakers are on deck at the summit with so much to share. Join us on September 21, either in person or via the BSV Blockchain Association’s livestream. It’s an event that most certainly cannot be missed.

“If you are on the fence about coming, please do reach out and apply to join us here! And regardless of the summit, if you are a founder, investor, or someone that wants to work for an early-stage company leveraging a scalable blockchain, please reach out to us at [email protected],” Resnick added.

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