Latest Turing complete News

A robot and a scientist facing the Turing test
Tech 10 April 2023

Turing machines on Bitcoin

Turing machines can be simulated on Bitcoin, giving it the ability to compute anything there is to compute and reason with computers.

Editorial 2 April 2022

Infinite and unbounded

Turing completeness does not require an infinite tape, and it was not an infinite tape that Turing mentioned in his paper; it was an unbounded system.

BSV as a virtual machine
Tech 17 September 2021

BSV as a virtual machine

Jerry Chan explores some more technical aspects behind Bitcoin BSV, and the lessor known under-the-hood components that are more of an interest to students of computer science.

Tech 13 August 2021

BSV as a Turing machine

A common feature of computer languages which generally make them Turing complete is the ability for the language to allow for structured control flow of a program, either through loops or jumps.

Tech 21 June 2021

Turing-Complete Rule 110 on Bitcoin

The Rule 110 cellular automaton is a 1-dimensional elementary CA, where a linear pattern of 0s and 1s evolves according to a simple set of rules.