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Dr. Agata Slater on CoinGeek Conversation
Interviews 7 September 2023

IBM’s Dr. Agata Slater take on BSV blockchain

In this week’s episode of CoinGeek Conversations, Dr. Agata Slater talks about her role as a blockchain specialist, IBM's approach to blockchain and the implications for Web3 technology.

Strategic partnership between nChain and Gate2Chain
Press Releases 29 March 2023

Gate2chain to join nChain as we redefine the Peer-to-Peer economy. nChain has acquired 20% of Gate2Chain and established a strategic partnership to drive mass adoption of its product suite

The partnership with nChain provides security and legal certainty in enforcing IP rights to protect clients and their technology. Gate2Chain will leverage nChain’s solutions and intellectual property to provide economical, efficient, secure and scalable blockchain-powered solutions.