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Business 16 August 2023

This amicus brief for Coinbase is so wrong

In this article, ZeMing Gao looks into the amicus brief for Coinbase, why speculation drives regulators to enact securities laws, and how an asset is classified as a security.

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Business 3 May 2023

Bitcoin’s tipping point

In this article, Kurt Wuckert Jr. shares his thoughts on Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point and how the mentioned principles determined Bitcoin's tipping point.

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Editorial 3 May 2023

I assume the price of BSV is not manipulated

BSV distancing itself from the 'crypto' market has revealed its true price, which is linked to its ability to provide actual utility to users and not based on mere speculation.

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Editorial 19 December 2022

Bitcoin futures surge despite FTX collapse

The FTX's implosion led to prices of some virtual currencies tumbling, while other tokens skyrocketed because the 'crypto' market is not based on utility but rather on speculation.

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Editorial 5 October 2022

Why is trading and speculating so popular?

Trading and speculating are the most popular blockchain use-cases because money means something to everyone, and having more cash than you did yesterday appeals to practically everybody.

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Editorial 4 October 2022

The scarcity paradox

Speculating does not create value rather, speculation presents a gamble on a future price. Some people make money with it, but to do well, you need a lot of money in the first place.