Latest OKex News

Business 24 March 2021

OKEx Korea to shut down on April 7, cites new AML rules

The revised Financial Transactions Reports Act prohibits order book sharing, stating, “Cryptoasset providers may not allow customers to trade with the customers of other cryptoasset providers through alliances.”

Business 20 November 2020

Star Xu is out of police custody

OKEx founder Mingxing 'Star' Xu has been released from police custody after being a participant in an ongoing police investigation.

Business 19 November 2020

OKEx will resume withdrawals November 27

OkEx has announced that it will be resuming unrestricted withdrawals on November 27th–Withdrawals from the OKEx exchange were halted for 42 days.

Business 10 November 2020

OKBSV pioneers token exchange on-chain

RelayX has launched the second token on the RUN protocol—OKBSV—which is a derivative of actual BSV held on OKEx and FloatSV.

Business 19 October 2020

OKEx: Funds sent to Binance were not ours

Digital asset deposits and withdrawals on digital currency exchange OKEx were suspended on October 16 and have (at press time) not yet resumed.