Statement on OKCoin’s decision to delist BSV

Statement on OKCoin’s decision to delist BSV

In light of OKCoin’s recent decision to delist BSV from their platform, CoinGeek would like to express its support for Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Association and the many developers and users of Bitcoin SV around the world.

We appreciate that in a free market, exchanges are free to choose which digital assets are listed on their platform. However, we also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to decide for themselves which projects and assets are worthy of their support. Indeed, today, Bitcoin SV is host to a thriving and committed community of informed, engaged individuals and companies from a huge range of backgrounds. Therefore, we are highly disappointed that OKCoin has chosen to turn its back on the Bitcoin SV community and cannot agree with their justification for doing so. 

We hope that OkCoin will reconsider its decision and stand ready to support the Bitcoin SV community.

In OKEx’s case, CEO Jay Hao responded to a user on Weibo who asked whether the OKCoin announcement is related to OKEx, saying, “No relation. Once again I want to state: OKEx has no current plan to suspend BSV and BCH trading.”

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