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sometric concept of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Connection
Editorial 29 December 2022

Understanding Bitcoin energy consumption

Proof of Work gives a trustless model for resilience and security, including identifying assets and preventing fraud and risk, protecting critical infrastructure, detecting activities on a network, and more.

Coin cryptocurrency Bitcoin SV and rolling dice
Editorial 29 December 2021

2021: Was it a good year for BSV?

Here we are at the end of 2021—was it a good year? In many ways, it was, and in many ways, it wasn't. But it was definitely a year full of major changes that will impact the blockchain industry for a long time to come.

Press Releases 5 October 2021

Adrian Grenier announced as speaker at CoinGeek Conference

UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador and actor Adrian Grenier will be exploring why there is such a focus on Bitcoin energy consumption versus other industries in the tech sector alongside speakers from TAAL, nChain and MNP.

MNP report: BSV is the real Bitcoin
Business 7 September 2021

MNP report: BSV is the real Bitcoin

MNP looked at the original whitepaper and compared the current expressions of BTC and Bitcoin SV (BSV) to determine which blockchain represented the true original vision for Bitcoin.