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Editorial 29 December 2022

Understanding Bitcoin energy consumption

Proof of Work gives a trustless model for resilience and security, including identifying assets and preventing fraud and risk, protecting critical infrastructure, detecting activities on a network, and more.

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Editorial 28 December 2022

Bitcoin Association letter to Governor Hochul

In this letter to Hochul, the Bitcoin Association highlights its efforts to reduce emissions associated with Bitcoin mining while urging the city to explore other utilities to slash carbon footprints.

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Business 19 December 2022

2023 blockchain forecast

Here is the forecast of the blockchain industry in 2023 from BSV Blockchain Association’s Global Public Policy Director Bryan Daugherty.

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Editorial 22 September 2022

Proof-of-stake is proof of misunderstanding

If proof-of-work distributes objective consensus to miners outside of the network, proof-of-stake consolidates power to a subjective, in-network minority.