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Meta logo on screen and Mark Zuckerberg is a Chief Executive Officer of Metaverse in background
Business 3 May 2023

Is Meta raising money for AI development?

As Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg chases the Metaverse dream, he seemed to miss the wave of consumer-facing AI-powered programs being developed under his nose in Silicon Valley.

Metaverse logo on a mobile phone
Business 15 March 2023

Meta gives up on NFTs

After debuting NFTs on Facebook and Instagram in 2022, Meta is winding down the project, which hasn’t taken off amid a major dip in NFT trading volume.

meta logo on a phone
Business 10 November 2022

Meta begins mass layoffs—why?

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg proceeds with the company's mass layoffs following a turbulent year and his desire to create a grand metaverse that largely went off the rail.