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Editorial 26 March 2021

DEX on Bitcoin = P2P Exchange

The question that arises is who becomes responsible if two parties fill orders between each other in this way without a so-called ‘Decentralized Exchange’?

Editorial 24 March 2021

Code isn’t law—law is law

Here’s why intermediary businesses cannot be automated away, without effectively giving away our free will, individuality, and freedom.

Business 19 March 2021

Wyoming Senate passes DAO law

Wyoming's Senate has passed a bill that will legally recognize Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) as legitimate businesses.

Business 26 February 2021

The legal duty of blockchain developers

As blockchain technology becomes increasingly relied upon, it becomes critical that the law extends its well-established protections to this new context.

Business 4 January 2021

Serbia legalizes digital currencies

The law went into effect on December 29, with the government giving the public six months before it starts applying it.

Business 9 October 2020

BitMEX CTO Sam Reed released from custody

BitMEX CTO Sam Reed–who was arrested on October 1st–has been released from custody on a $5 million appearance bond secured by $500,000 cash.

Business 8 October 2020

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes resigns

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes as well as other BitMEX executives have stepped down from their position at the exchange and its holding company.