Latest Jack Liu News

Tech 2 March 2021

$SHUA ‘airdrop’ demonstrates BSV token capability

BSV scalability enables mass distribution of not only tokens and financial products but ideas as well, and those who cannot afford or choose to forego high fees are now a part of the conversation.

Business 1 February 2021

The very first Bitcoin gameshow

Bitcoin's Got Talent, is the very first BSV-based gameshow–episode one has just gone live, and you can still apply to be on the show!

Interviews 13 October 2020

Jack Liu: People need a reason to use Bitcoin

RelayX founder Jack Liu talks to Dr. Michael Wehrmann about the success of Streamanity, onboarding new content creators and how to grow Bitcoin SV’s user base in general.

Events 11 February 2020

CambrianSV Lisbon: Working together for Bitcoin SV

The first day of the CambrianSV bootcamp in Lisbon gave a chance for the different teams of developers and entrepreneurs to introduce themselves and talk about what they want to achieve during the week.