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Jack Liu interview with Joshua Henslee
Business 13 November 2023

Is BSV flipping BTC locked in?

Bitcoin thought leader Joshua Henslee interviewed RelayX Founder Jack Liu and discussed hyperbitcoinization, the recent developments on the BSV blockchain, Hodlocker, and much more.

Jack Liu on CG conversation
Interviews 5 May 2022

Jack Liu: The price of Bitcoin matters

In this episode of CoinGeek Conversations, FloatSV and RelayX founder Jack Liu says his attraction to Bitcoin is partly due to its incentive design: regardless of wealth and stature, any individual has a chance to raise money using the network.

CoinGeek Conversations: The Visionaries
Interviews 26 August 2021

CoinGeek Conversations: The Visionaries

In the second of four CoinGeek Conversations special episodes, Natalie Mason picks out highlights from some of her favorite past shows featuring exciting visionaries in the BSV space.