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Kurt Wuckert jr. in front of a mining farm
Tech 31 October 2022

Mine about it

Four key things to take note of when mining: the subsidy is there to help us build, transaction fees must outstrip subsidies, hardware needs to be bought, and don't focus on dollar-based economics.

Selective focus of businesswoman making marketing pyramid
Editorial 27 October 2022

3 things BSV needs

Given all the recent drama in the space around lawsuits, trials, and online attacks, Joshua Henslee discusses what he thinks is needed to push the BSV blockchain ecosystem forward.

Bitcoin Association logo
Press Releases 17 October 2022

Statement on empty block miner

Bitcoin Association is taking action to contact all relevant exchanges and miners to freeze all block rewards associated with the malicious miner and will be pursuing criminal charges against the entity/entities responsible.

Tech 3 May 2021

What’s the matter with minimum fees?

Honest nodes are run by honest people; intrepid entrepreneurs who run businesses which seek to be valuable vendors to general users, commercial data users and the emerging economy of data/transaction brokers, Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.