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Interviews 10 June 2020

Craig Wright: Bitcoin as a security system

In a wide-ranging interview in front of an audience of developers and entrepreneurs at the Cambrian SV event in Lisbon in February, Dr. Wright was talking about the fundamentals of Bitcoin.

Interviews 3 June 2020

Thomas Moser: Banking on blockchain

Thomas Moser is somewhere near that centre. He also confessed to finding blockchain technologies “fascinating”, and has done for a long time. %%sitename%% news for %%date%%.

Interviews 16 April 2020

How are you doing? Tales from the home front in lockdown

Charles Miller is joined by CoinGeek's new producer Natalie Mason to find out how Ryan X. Charles, founder and CEO of Money Button, and the Bitcoin Association's China Manager Lise Li are dealing with the lockdown. %%sitename%% news for %%date%%.