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Kevin Healy on CoinGeek Conversations
Interviews 29 June 2023

Kevin Healy: My long journey to BSV

On this CoinGeek Conversations, former iOS developer Kevin Healy shares his journey to the original Bitcoin protocol and also explains the advantages of Bitcoin technology based on what is written in the Bitcoin white paper.

Mona Tiesler for CoinGeek Conversations
Interviews 22 June 2023

Mona Tiesler: A venture capitalist on Web3 prospects

In this episode of CoinGeek Conversations, Tokentus Investment Manager Mona Tiesler talks about the criteria they look at in a startup: namely the founder’s strengths, the business use case, and the product market fit.

Jerry Chan on CoinGeek Conversations
Interviews 15 June 2023

Jerry Chan: Does AI know what it’s doing?

Jerry Chan has gone public with his cautious scepticism about the much-publicised dangers of AI, but in this week’s CoinGeek Conversations, the former blockchain infrastructure developer and Wall Street technologist says he also sees the potential of AI.

CoinGeek Conversations with Tim Malik
Interviews 18 May 2023

Combat IQ: Harnessing the powers of AI and blockchain

Meta Description On this episode of CoinGeek Conversations, Charles Miller and Tim talk about Combat IQ, how it uses AI to process data and how blockchain can play a role in resolving disputes in the sports betting industry.

Lionel Bernard and Artur Lucyk on two separate stages
Interviews 27 April 2023

Solving lack of financial inclusion in Africa with Wleepay

On this week’s CoinGeek Conversations, Lionel Bernard talks about Wleepay, a company that offers mobile financial services to the unbanked in Africa. Meanwhile, Artur Lucyk aims to engage people in the political process via his platform Repolify.