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GHGBlaze: Revolutionizing carbon emission assessments for businesses

In the concluding episode of CoinGeek Conversations‘ summer series, Charles Miller engages in a discussion with Amy Bowe, the entrepreneur behind Block Dojo’s innovative blockchain platform, GHGBlaze. GHGBlaze is dedicated to assisting companies in obtaining precise assessments of the carbon emissions associated with their products.

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As Amy says, the need for accuracy is gaining traction as companies are faced with mounting pressures to disclose their carbon emissions. With the growing mandate for these disclosures, there is a heightened legal liability linked to their precision, she points out.

Amy also draws attention to regulations implemented in European Union nations, which effectively impose taxes on the carbon emissions of imported goods. To determine the tax obligations for imported goods, a comprehensive understanding of their associated emissions is imperative, she notes.

Furthermore, Amy underscores an emerging commercial demand for low-carbon commodity products. To cater to this demand, she emphasizes, it is imperative to be well-informed about the emissions tied to the products one is marketing.

GHGBlaze aims to enhance operational efficiency by offering a centralized and standardized solution for the storage of emissions data. This centralized repository can then be accessed by relevant parties to extract the necessary data.

The primary source of revenue for GHGBlaze is anticipated to be derived from subscription agreements. As Amy explains, companies keen on accessing this data will be required to pay an annual subscription fee.

In addition, GHGBlaze plans to leverage the tokenization aspect of blockchain technology. Under this framework, each emissions data point will be assigned a value based on its perceived utility, thereby incentivizing companies to provide this valuable service.

Amy firmly believes that blockchain technology is a valuable component of GHGBlaze. As she points out, “The immutability aspects are valuable but when it comes down to these incentive payments and having effectively creating a market through tokenization, that can’t be done with a centralized database.”

GHGBlaze, under the leadership of Amy Bowe, is poised to play a pivotal role in helping companies accurately assess and disclose their carbon emissions, while also aligning with emerging regulatory and market demands. Through blockchain technology and tokenization, GHGBlaze aims to revolutionize the way emissions data is stored, valued, and shared within the business landscape.

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