Latest Bitcoin Whitepaper News

Editorial 1 March 2021

Why Bitcoin’s supply is limited

People know the supply of Bitcoin is limited, but do they know why this is the case, Dr. Michael Wehrmann asks.

Editorial 26 February 2021

Bitcoin: What’s in a name?

Bitcoin was something new, something not just invented, but “released”: the software was designed to build on itself, to keep itself honest, to grow up.

Business 24 February 2021

Craig Wright and a brief history of Bitcoin

Dr. Craig Wright now finds himself as the perfect plaintiff to demonstrate the points he has been making for years: that there is nothing about blockchain, Bitcoin or any other digital asset which takes them outside the scope of the law.

Editorial 24 February 2021

Bitcoin: Vast majority don’t understand the Technology

Satoshi Nakamoto never intended Bitcoin to be held in cold storage until such time that it appreciated in value high enough for the owner to cash out, be financially free, then retire to a tropical island paradise.