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Bitcoin SV 2024 predictions
Editorial 9 January 2024

A glimpse into the future of Bitcoin

2024 rings in new hurdles for Bitcoin, with a new civil war likely erupting, all while giving ample space for silver linings such as the launch of Teranode and the steady fight for Satoshi's vision.

Kurt Wuckert Jr on Bitcoin halving math
Business 8 November 2023

The Bitcoin halving math

As Bitcoin approaches its fourth block reward halving, where miners will receive a 3.125 bitcoin reward per block, discussions are heating up around the economic sustainability of both BTC and the BSV blockchain.

Business 9 September 2020

Canaan still losing money but slower

Canaan Creative has reported a Q2 2020 net loss of $2.38 million, an improvement over the prior Q1's reported loss of $5.64 million loss.