Shawn Ryan on CoinGeek Weekly Livestream

Shawn Ryan talks about what’s new in BSV on CoinGeek Weekly Livestream

In this episode of the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, SmartLedger Solutions Co-Founder and CEO Shawn Ryan sat down with Kurt Wuckert Jr. to talk about the recent meeting on Capitol Hill and all things BSV.

It’s halvening season

Wuckert starts the show by reminding us that it’s the halving season. The BCH halving has already happened; BSV is up on the 13th, and BTC will happen on the 20th.

He says to look out for hash power fluctuations as these events unfold. Some interesting events have already happened on BCH, and as he has said before, weaker players will fold as their revenue is cut in half overnight.

The recent meeting on Capitol Hill

Ryan says this meeting was a long time coming. He gives props to Bryan Daugherty, who has done much to make this happen in his previous appearances on The Hill.

While there were 57 RSVPs, more than 80 people showed up, exceeding Ryan’s expectations. It was evident that the wheels were turning in their heads, he says. Of course, different groups and guests were interested in different things; the national security guys were interested in Certihash, while others were interested in nChain and what it was doing.

How many BSV businesses were showcased? Four. Certihash, nChain, Tokenovate, and
Smart Grow Agritech were all there. Later, Ryan says many great conversations are happening around Certihash, including with some top firms out of Canada. They get it, and it’s a simple value proposition to communicate.

Will this whole blockchain thing really work?

A viewer asks this question, and Ryan says it will undoubtedly work. Ears open, and people begin to listen. Some big entities are getting involved.

Wuckert looks back to the Internet, noting how it took several decades from the first iterations to when it really took off. Blockchain may take another 10-15 years before it’s in full flight.

What are you doing at the BSV Association?

Ryan replies that it’s all about fostering relationships and setting up meetings. Since the Association is a non-profit, it’s less threatening when they approach other entities.

In essence, the BSV Association generally works for the ecosystem and promotes the technology’s potential. It’s also in conversation with exchanges, but it only wants to be associated with safe, regulated ones, and there aren’t that many out there.

How is Teranode progressing?

According to Ryan, all is progressing well. The technical team would know more about specific details, but Ryan does know it’s working towards its final test, and that will be a huge signal to the industry.

How’s the Roger Ver book going?

A viewer asks this one of Wuckert. He says it’s great, and he’ll soon write a review on it. It covers the Bitcoin history he passionately teaches and explains how the narrative was reengineered. Ver does a great job of showing Gregory Maxwell quotes that directly contradict Satoshi Nakamoto, and Wuckert says he deserves a lot of credit for this book.

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