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Address bar of a web browser
Tech 31 August 2023

Mine your own domain with OP_NS

Creating unique domain names is now easy with the release of the OP_NS protocol, allowing users to mine in their web browser, list the sale on the global order book, or send it to another wallet.

$ORDI asset trend on a screen in the foreground. BRC-20 concept script on the background
Business 20 July 2023

Total number of inscriptions—does it matter?

Transactions need to actually represent a value exchange between individuals, in a peer-to-peer nature to scale. Simply being capable of having a higher throughput of transactions does not result in more liquidity or higher asset prices.

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Business 21 March 2023

The 1 Sat Ordinals story so far: The first 24 hours

Ordinals are the global serialized token protocol first released on BTC, now being implemented on UTXO-based blockchains. Serial numbers are assigned based on their ordering inside a committed block on the global ledger.