Bitcoin SV wins against ‘crypto liars’ and ‘BTC clowns’ by professionalizing

Most digital asset enthusiasts who did their own source based research are well aware of the fact that Bitcoin SV is not only the original Bitcoin, but is the only digital asset that actually makes sense.

However, since the “crypto sphere” is full of crypto cartel financed and wannabe-investors, Bitcoin SV still has to face ridiculous people that are desperately trying to influence their “crypto sheep” on Twitter.

Vitalik Buterin blatantly lies to public

In this utmost stupid post, Vitalik Buterin says that Bitcoin SV does not scale. I know what you think right now, but he really is serious with that statement.

Since Vitalik Buterin is the leading figure in Ethereum, one has to wonder how he comes to such a post?

Ethereum already proved its inability to scale. Back in 2017, ETH could not even let a little game called CryptoKitties run without causing dangerous slowdowns of the Ethereum blockchain. The transaction fees went tremendously high during that time period too. ETH was simply not ready to scale even for such a small application as CryptoKitties.

But nowadays it is all good with Ethereum, right?

No, as we laid out here in 2019, and again in 2020. To sum this up: Ethereum does not scale, period.

Bitcoin SV’s capabilities are Vitalik Buterin’s worst nightmare

However, Bitcoin SV does scale and it is not hard to verify that.

Have a look at Twetch, a Bitcoin SV driven social media platform, which uses BSV easily for whatever their users do on Twetch. Here are some recent statistics concerning Twetch usage (including overall transactions):

Source: Twetch – user @11374

Furthermore, Bitcoin SV dedicated transaction processors have recently hit world record block sizes:


Transactional volume is accelerating on Bitcoin SV:

Transactional volume is accelerating on Bitcoin SV:

So Buterin just lies, simple as that. BSV scales, buddy, deal with it.

It is not a surprise though, as Bitcoin SV is a brutally disruptive force in the digital asset sphere that will eventually eat ETH for breakfast. Buterin seems to know that, so with all he has left he is trying to deceive his followers on Twitter and curse them with information asymmetry. They will not be thankful in the long run, Vitalik.

Max Keiser’s Twitter clownery reaches all time high

BTC is digital gold”- proponent Max Keiser recently seems to have multiple mental breakdowns on Twitter concerning Bitcoin SV. Keiser does not only lie as Buterin does, but he pretty much comes off as someone who needs medical help when talking about BSV:

I don’t even know how to comment on that. Clownery is a euphemism here.

But we do try to help him, seriously:

No worries though, CoinGeek has already covered the anomaly called Max Keiser in length.

However, it is worth pointing out what kind of people actually promote BTC. Whoever follows these kind of people really deserves to lose money eventually.

How Bitcoin SV professionalizes

Bitcoin SV has a different approach to make the world more efficient by using Bitcoin. BSV is comfortable not having to have people like Buterin and Keiser involved.

Since ETH and BTC are failing—no wonder why just look at their prominent figures as seen above—BSV professionalizes in order to serve the world a stable transparent ledger with all true Bitcoin capabilities.

A quick look at the speed and depth of Bitcoin SV developments shows that BSV and no other digital asset is on the right track:

  • The Bitcoin Association already counts over 1,500 members, with 18 global ambassadors working to spread the true Bitcoin vision and over 80 BSV meetups were sponsored already.
  • Leading blockchain solution provider nChain has acquired CREA and signals a headcount of over 120 blockchain specialized developers.
  • Visionary BSV dedicated transaction processors build a whole new blockchain related business model, stepping away from block reward mining alone to mainly transaction processing and other Bitcoin computational services.
  • Have a look at the CoinGeek London conference in early 2020. High profile speakers such as Thomas Lee and George Gilder showed up to discuss Bitcoin and digital currencies in general. Both Lee and Gilder will attend the upcoming CoinGeek Live 2020, too—for good reasons.

It is easy to determine which digital asset sets the tone from now on.

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