Bitcoin SV and information asymmetry

You are into cryptocurrencies, but not interested in Bitcoin SV? Let me kindly diagnose you with a severe case of information asymmetry.

Explaining the obvious is no fun at all: A has all information, B has none—who wins?

The crypto sphere is one of a kind when it comes to information asymmetry. Especially since Bitcoin SV came to life, information asymmetry has reached a ludicrous level to be astonished about. There are tons of false information on the one hand, and wild efforts made to hide true information on the other hand.

Whether you are an investor, a developer or a user of cryptocurrencies: you do not want to get hit by information asymmetry. It is devastating.

Let us face the current information asymmetry in the crypto sphere

Most people involved in cryptocurrencies gather information from crypto media outlets and crypto influencers. They do not put any effort in source based research themselves.

How come these kinds of people get punished by the market in the end? It is because they serve no function in the market. If they would actually do source based research, they would contribute to the finding of true information, even if they would not share their findings with the public. However, as they only follow the easily available mass media information, the market treats them as leeches and shakes them off eventually—just as nature does.

What can we do about information asymmetry? Use it for our own benefit, or help people to get out of it?

It depends. Sometimes I wander on “crypto Twitter” like a lost soul. If someone wants to know the truth about Bitcoin SV, I am honored to deliver true information. However, if someone only wants confirmation for an already set believe system, I do not deliver true information. I let this person crawl deeper into the freely chosen information asymmetry. Sounds cruel? If there is no longing for truth in a person, I feel no empathy.

Overlooked facts concerning the Bitcoin SV

The crypto sphere does not recognize cryptocurrencies as economics, but as politics or even religion. Bitcoin SV follows economics and enables growth, while BTC and other cryptocurrencies follow social media.

Let me introduce you to some facts that are overlooked by the vast majority of the crypto community:

Bitcoin SV uses a stable protocol. With a stable protocol that no developer or influential person can mess with, Bitcoin SV establishes a sound foundation for growth. Just like constitutional rights, which cannot or at least should not be subject to discussion in order to enable a functional rule of law for the rest of one’s lifetime, a stable protocol in economic terms makes long-term investments and planning easy for everyone. This is why already successful applications like Twetch, Peergame and Cryptofights chose to build on Bitcoin SV, because they are economically safe to do so by not having to fear any protocol changes in the future.

Bitcoin SV enables true peer-to-peer transactions by SPV as described in the whitepaper. SPV allows secure, efficient and fast payment—unlike other transactional models such as Lightning Network, where there is no peer-to-peer transacting, but peer-to-miner-to-lightning-to-miner-to-peer transacting only.

Bitcoin SV scales massively to meet the demand of the upcoming informational capitalistic driven society. Other cryptocurrencies are busy preparing anti-scaling efforts to prevent any use case at all—it makes no economic sense!

Bitcoin SV is secured by a patent fortress. This forces developers to build their applications that need a scalable blockchain exclusively on Bitcoin SV. Furthermore, patenting blockchain solutions puts pressure on competitors to invent creative ways in order to prevent licensing fees.

Bitcoin SV rejects the idea of an anonymous transactional system. In Bitcoin SV, you have and will have even more privacy in the future, but privacy does not equal anonymity. Any anonymous coin has no future due to anti-money laundering regulation. Regulatory friendliness is a true USP of Bitcoin SV.

There is much more to know about Bitcoin SV. Start reading and work yourself into source based research in order to prevent suffering from information asymmetry. If you need help or have any questions, there are literally thousands of Bitcoin SV proponents out there happy to hear from you.

Information asymmetry by choice and by force

All of the points mentioned above are free information, easy to be gathered. There is no hidden agenda in Bitcoin SV and the only reason why people do not take a closer look is due to their own choice for information asymmetry.

Instead of looking out for economic reasons behind this or that coin, they seek confirmation of their emotions and beliefs—yet they call themselves investors, developers and influencers. On the one hand, they suffer from information asymmetry already, and on the other hand they perpetuate information asymmetry for others and themselves. It is a deadly cycle. They deserve all of its consequences.

Information asymmetry can be used as a tool. In political terms, dictatorship governments make sure real information does not hit the public. In economic terms, information asymmetry is a competitive advantage or disadvantage. In legal terms, information asymmetry can turn around court cases apart from the actual substantive legal situation. One could go on and on with examples.

It is obvious that influential crypto personalities and crypto enterprises nowadays do not suffer from information asymmetry themselves—they are well aware of the points mentioned above. Yet, they decide to force information asymmetry on their followers and customers in order to prevent them from having a reasonable look into Bitcoin SV.

Getting hit by information asymmetry

If you are on the wrong side of information asymmetry, life is paradise for a while, because you are not aware of the fact that you are actually on the wrong side. You get annihilated eventually, but hey, it takes its time.

If you are on the right side of information asymmetry though, life is hell for a while, because you wait and wait for information asymmetry to finally crush your opponents. Unfortunately, this also takes its time and in the meanwhile, you may very well lose your mind.

In an informational asymmetric environment, at least one party gets devastated in the end. When information asymmetry finally dissolves, it hits hard and fast.

Emotions and beliefs do not play any role in information asymmetry. You do not like Dr. Craig Wright? Does not matter. You think transaction volume is irrelevant for cryptocurrencies? Does not matter. You hate patents? You hate big blocks? You hate a set in stone protocol? You think it is clever to “verify the blockchain” on your pocket calculator from 1990?

Bitcoin is economics. Economics is true information. Whether you are an investor, a developer or a user of cryptocurrencies: seek true information.

The real world—businesses and businesses and businesses—is very well aware of any danger coming from information asymmetry. They are incentivized to seek truth. You should be, too.

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