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Lightning Network with dark background
Editorial 26 February 2024

The Lightning network is dying

Over time, the small blockers' narrative about the Lightning Network being a solution to scaling Bitcoin is proving to be untrue, as seen in the shutdown of custodial wallets using it.

Smart Contracts image concept
Tech 13 February 2024

BSV vs BTC smart contracts

sCrypt's Xiaohui Liu compares the fundamentals of smart contracts between BSV and BTC and how these affect the realization of developing and implementing use cases.

Joshua Henslee interview on TODO BITCOIN YouTube channel
Interviews 3 February 2024

BSV after COPA: Joshua Henslee shares his thoughts

Regardless of the outcome of the COPA v. Wright trial, Joshua Henslee believes BSV will live on, telling TODO Bitcoin that the counterculture nowadays cares less about patents, cases, and lawsuits.

Google logo - BTC coins
Business 30 January 2024

Google okays BTC ETF ads, but will it matter?

Following the announcement of its updated policy last December, Google begins permitting U.S. "crypto" trust issuers to advertise on its platform, but not without the appropriate license.