TAAL, Mempool are driving enterprise blockchain adoption

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The amount of work being put into driving blockchain adoption is staggering and also necessary. Transitioning to blockchain technology, from a business point of view, represents a substantial paradigm shift in operations, and companies have to know that their foray into the use of blockchain will be worthwhile, as well as offer permanent solutions. At the recently held CoinGeek London conference, two companies that are helping drive adoption, TAAL and Mempool, took the stage to discuss their initiatives, and CoinGeek’s Hannah Jackson caught up with both of them during the event. 

TAAL is a blockchain services company out of Canada. Its then-CEO Angela Holowaychuk, who now serves as the company’s chief operating officer, was on hand at CoinGeek London and offered the company’s stance on how it is helping big business make the shift to blockchain. 

That shift is a difficult task, as there are a lot of moving parts that enterprise businesses have to take into consideration. However, TAAL is helping businesses through each step and is providing solutions that streamline the transition for big business. It continues to look for new jurisdictions that are supportive of further expansion, and works with a number of teams that are able to create new blockchain management solutions. 

Mempool is a name familiar to most in the Bitcoin SV (BSV) community. Like TAAL, it has its roots in digital currency mining, but has expanded to encompass an array of services designed to help build the next generation of Internet performance. Lin Zheming, the company’s founder and CEO, spoke with Jackson about the company’s initiatives, explaining that it is currently working on different solutions that will enhance blockchain development and to allow developers to use unique permissions to write to the blockchain. 

These permissions are part of a plan to help cut blockchain transaction fees. Bitcoin SV (BSV) already has the lowest fees available, but Mempool wants to reduce them even more. The company is also working on APIs for applications and developers, which will further pave the way for fixed, instead of variable fees, which will drive adoption even further. 

Holowaychuk has been a regular fixture at most CoinGeek conferences, and has been impressed with what she has seen over time. While some of the earlier gatherings were attended by almost exclusively those already in the blockchain industry, she points out that, now, there are a number of business operators and representatives attending in order to learn how to adopt blockchain for their operations. Enterprise blockchain deployment is one of the major goals of Bitcoin, and it appears that goal is being reached with BSV. 

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