Wright victorious? Peter McCormack abandons libel defence

The lawyers representing Dr. Craig Wright in his lawsuit against Peter McCormack have confirmed that McCormack intends to abandon his defence of the lawsuit.

CoinGeek received the following statement directly from Dr. Wright’s solicitors: “SCA ONTIER LLP, Dr Wright’s solicitors, have confirmed that Mr McCormack’s legal representatives have informed them of their client’s intention not to continue defending the libel proceedings, which proceedings will now continue to their natural conclusion.”

CoinGeek reported earlier that Tether had pulled its funding for McCormack’s defence following the conclusion of discovery in the case, where it was expected that both sides would produce evidence regarding Craig’s claim to the Satoshi Nakamoto identity. Whatever was produced in discovery apparently caused Tether to cease funding and now for McCormack to submit to the lawsuit, so it can be inferred that both sides agree that Wright is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto.

Both sides avoided what could have been an entertaining trial, which we now know would have likely vindicated Wright in a very public way. If the claim remains undefended, the court will enter a default judgment resolving the lawsuit in Wright’s favour.

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