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TAAL’s Bitcoin business model analyzed in Streamanity video

Most of the time paradigm shifts are overseen by the majority of investors. Only a few visionaries are able to detect when a new industry emerges or an old one changes from its core.

Whoever paid attention in the past two years of Bitcoin noticed that a paradigm shift is happening in the digital asset sphere. The old and financially unsustainable block reward mining business model is coming to an end due to Bitcoin’s inherent halving events, while its becoming clear that Bitcoin’s value derives not from being “digital gold” or “store of value”, but from being utilized.

TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. (CSE:TAAL | FWB:9SQ1 | OTC: TAALF) is among the very few Bitcoin dedicated companies that foresaw the paradigm shift and is ready to serve the growing transaction processing industry. No wonder financial experts pay attention to TAAL’s business model and analyze its potential.

Financial analysts already discuss TAAL and Bitcoin SV

Recently, equity analyst John Pitts and fintech expert Len Mazur published an almost three-hour long Streamanity video and discussed TAAL, Bitcoin and the transaction processing industry in depth:

At 00:11:37 in the video, Pitts and Mazur describe TAAL and discuss why TAAL’s vision and its execution is crucial:

TAAL is what used to be called a miner and now we call it a node or a transaction processor. So if you have listened to the Theory of Bitcoin or you have done your homework on BSV, what TAAL does is they are literally the equipment and the network (…).

From 00:58:00 onwards, the difference between BTC block reward mining and Bitcoin SV transaction processing is being laid out. John Pitts and Len Mazur understand that the Bitcoin SV driven informational capitalistic system that is emerging is fueled by micropayments and very low cost transactional fees in the Bitcoin system.

As expected from financial experts, both analysts pay much attention to TAAL’s recent financial results and furthermore discuss TAAL’s market capitalization and cash reserves.

The analysts even dive into the history of TAAL (01:33:00) and possible future price valuation by the year 2040 (02:26:45).

The TAAL video costs you Bitcoin SV to watch

If one is new to Streamanity, it might come as a shock to discover the TAAL video is not free to view, but costs $8.88 to purchase.

However, having to pay for high quality content is the best introduction you can get to the growing Bitcoin SV world.

Bitcoin is actually a tool to value data—this has been overseen and in part willingly kept secret to the public by the BTC inner circles and influencers. They are still trapped in the false narrative of digital assets being “digital gold” or a “store of value.” In Bitcoin SV, people make use of BSV to earn, pay and value data. The internet is changing due to Bitcoin SV’s ability to perform micropayments and more.

Streamanity makes use of Bitcoin SV to let the video content creators monetize their work. You will find costly videos on Streamanity and very cheap ones that are set to only cost 1 cent. Since Bitcoin SV has reliable and ultra-fast payment abilities, Streamanity users simply pay and watch instantly.

The TAAL video already has 23 paid views so far—which is much if you consider the fact that each viewer has paid for watching. To further motivate potential viewers of purchasing the video, John Pitts and Len Mazur laid out the video content in the description:

Streamanity users are incentivized to share the TAAL video referral link to earn 10%, which makes 88 cents at the moment for each viewer who has paid to watch the video through the referral link.

Besides that, Streamanity gets a share of the payment, too—so we are talking about three or even four payments done in one Bitcoin SV transaction if someone pays for the video via a referral link. One payment to John Pitts, one to Len Mazur (if they have separate wallets for the Streamanity channel), one payment to Streamanity and another one to the person that shared the referral link.

Bitcoin SV, TAAL and Streamanity—the BSV ecosystem grows

The video perfectly demonstrates how Bitcoin SV is enabling a whole new ecosystem to come to life: Financial experts discuss the Bitcoin transaction processing pioneer TAAL, while viewers pay Bitcoin SV to watch the video or earn BSV by sharing it—and eventually exactly these transactions are probably being processed by TAAL.

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