Fear not, Bitcoin utility shines brightest when world descends into darkness

The U.S. and other wealthy nations may be on the verge of collapse. It has been coming for quite a while. Urged on by unsustainable practices and expensive policies that have turned out to be failures. The novel coronavirus is compounding systemic problems. While some nations are handling it well, many are unable to despite their willingness. It is becoming more likely that the world will descend into a global depression unlike anything in recent history. 

Perhaps though this depression will be harsh but short. It depends on how long it takes for states and individuals to adapt. Our previous understanding of reality will need to fundamentally change, and radical new approaches will become a necessity for growth.

Utility is fundamental to value

By radical I don’t mean political. Although that is sure to be an issue. Rather radical in the implementation of new technologies that allow us to connect and do business in new ways thereby building new markets and creating new value.

Utility is fundamental to value; it should be said that unless you can do something useful with it, then it has no value. The exchange of it is not enough to constitute a utility. It must be useful for external purposes and to others beyond yourself. We can deduce then that a system that is wildly useful, particularly for important use cases, and is additionally useful and usable for the greatest number of individuals, businesses and societies. Will be the most valuable of all.

Drastic measures are taken to save sinking ships. The more dangerous the circumstances the more those in charge look to secure what is important no matter how unorthodox the method. Years ago, in an early spring off the coast of Japan, I found myself swimming through dark cold waters. It was 11 at night and after a day of trying to get the diesel engine of my friend’s sailboat working without success, we were in big trouble. Having dropped our sails at our desired anchorage, our anchor had jammed and subsequently we were drifting parallel to shore, stern first, towards a rocky peninsula. While my friend worked to free the anchor, I jumped into the water with our longest line grasped tightly in my hand.

With one other person in our group tying on additional lines, I swam the 100 or so meters to shore in the hopes of tying off the 33-foot sailboat to save it from the approaching rocks. When I arrived on shore I was greatly disappointed as we had reached the length of our rope and come short. The trees I hoped to tie off to where only mere feet away. Luckily my friend managed to free the anchor and save the boat making my efforts ultimately unnecessary. Nonetheless the risk was there, and drastic measures had to be taken to minimize it.

This experience demonstrates the measures we will undertake to protect what is important. In the case of the relationship between economics and politics the pressure heats up as markets cool. In such a case a technology as capable as Bitcoin begins to shine as a beacon to a new level of capability and opportunity for those who feel the pressure to save what is important.

In many cases these are people just like you. Who understand what is at stake and our potential to be much more than our failures by building even greater successes. Using creativity and the power of Bitcoin SV, those bold enough have the capability of connecting each and every one of us in a way that is both financial and personable, P2P spanning the entire globe. Perhaps the first step to a new golden age.

In this new world, focused on usefulness and capability, Bitcoin SV is supreme.

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