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Charles Miller and Stefan Matthews
Interviews 16 December 2021

Stefan Matthews: TAAL is much more than a one-trick pony

As the outgoing CEO of TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc., Stefan Matthews is pleased with the health of the business he’s handing on to his successor: “Things are going very well at TAAL.”

Editorial 22 November 2021

Bitcoin tokens ahoy—STAS!

The token craze has taken off on BSV recently, and it is finally refreshing to see so many ambitious projects take advantage of the unbounded possibilities and scalability of the BSV blockchain.

Press Releases 28 May 2021

TAAL announces 2021 first-quarter financial results

TAAL continues to make progress on its plans to deploy additional digital asset hashing equipment in Canada, and, as announced on May 21, 2021, recently purchased an additional 3,000 machines

ASIC Miners
Tech 27 May 2021

TAAL reveals expansion of hardware fleet

The purchase aligns with TAAL's strategic goals to increase its transaction processing capacity to meet the demands of enterprise customers adopting blockchain technology.