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Business 16 February 2024

Bitcoin: History, potential, and future

Bitcoin—embodied as BSV blockchain—has become akin to the fundamental blocks of the evolving digital era as it embodies infrastructure, a staging ground for many possibilities.

The beautiful imperfections of Bitcoin banner
Editorial 16 January 2024

The beautiful imperfections of Bitcoin

As Bitcoin evolves, it is crucial that we reflect on its initial vision—an open financial system where each participant has an equal opportunity to be a user and even to attempt to compete for blocks.

CG - Seasonal Campaigns - First Bitcoin Transaction
Events 12 January 2024

The first Bitcoin transaction: 15 years later

Fifteen years ago, the first Bitcoin transaction was recorded on chain, opening the world to the endless possibilities of an electronic peer-to-peer cash system that Satoshi Nakamoto has designed.

Bitcoin's 15th birthday
Events 9 January 2024

Happy 15th Birthday, Bitcoin!

On Bitcoin's 15th birthday, Satoshi's vision for a scalable electronic cash system is alive and thriving—the BSV blockchain is the original Bitcoin, and it is scaling to levels Dr. Craig Wright always said were possible.

Bitcoin Independence Day 2023
Events 15 November 2023

Happy Bitcoin Independence Day 2023!

Bitcoin Independence Day marks the day when BSV developers and those who believe in unbounded, infinitely scalable Bitcoin began the long and laborious journey of restoring Bitcoin.