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Streamanity allows real monetization of niche video content

YouTube might generate a decent income if you have many subscribers. However, small video content creators do not easily get approved for monetization on YouTube and cannot make real money unless they are generating a massive amount of views.

With Bitcoin SV, video content monetization is changing right now.

Streamanity, a video content platform that lets users pay for viewing via BSV, is signaling to be a game changer as it grows rapidly following the acquisition by RelayX.

Case study: Isaac Morehouse on Streamanity

The best way to explain Streamanity—and with it Bitcoin SV’s capabilities—is to show how it is being used to generate income at this very moment.

Entrepreneur Isaac Morehouse saw the opportunity in Streamanity and Bitcoin SV. Morehouse started his Streamanity channel three months ago, and is already profiting.

Roughly a month ago, Isaac uploaded this video on Streamanity:

Now pay attention to the statistics below the video title. As of writing this article, it says:

“115 paid” at $1.2 per view.

Meditate on that one for a second.

On Streamanity, you pay to view a video—you might get a few seconds free preview, but the whole video is to be paid for. So Isaac generated $138 with this video already, while only 115 persons viewed the entire video.

This is mind-blowing, because that video is considered to be niche material. Try monetizing niche material on YouTube. Try monetizing niche material anywhere.

Ten days ago, Isaac uploaded this video:

So far, 578 people paid in Bitcoin SV to watch that piece at a price of $0.01 per view. Keep in mind that it is not Streamanity that sets the price per view, the content creators themselves do that.

Isaac decided to put out this video at only a cent per view, unlike the other video shown above. But still, 578 people paid, which makes it $5.78 for Isaac via this one.

In our interview, Isaac said:

I don’t think YouTube would even let me monetize. (…) YouTube has big reach, but there’s something pretty cool about having 100 really engaged fans pay a few bucks, vs 1,000 semi-engaged fans watch free. I can see this market really taking off as creators seek more control.

So YouTube is not an option income wise for Isaac. At the time that this article is written, Isaac uploaded another video to Streamanity:

30 people paid here, $1.2 per view—another $36 for Isaac. Niche material again. Direct income again.

Streamanity is more than “pay per view with Bitcoin SV”

After this short case study, it is worth mentioning that Streamanity has more to offer than just uploading videos and trying to get people to pay for them.

Recently, Streamanity implemented a feature that allows video content creators to share their generated Bitcoin SV income fully automated with other people partaking in the video. 

For example, Isaac Morehouse has guests in his videos shown above, and if he wants to, he can set a certain percentage of the paid views income to be directly sent to his guest’s Bitcoin SV wallets. So you onboard guests to create a better video and you also split the income among each other.

Furthermore, Streamanity gives content creators the opportunity to pay others to market and promote the videos for them. Easy to share links are incentivizing people to share Streamanity videos and participate in the income of the content creator:

You share the link. Someone pays for the video via your link. You get paid a certain amount directly from the video creator’s Streamanity income. Easy and great.

Why is Streamanity using Bitcoin SV as a cash system?

Streamanity works and Isaac Morehouse makes money.

However, why is everything on Streamanity being paid via Bitcoin SV and not via Ethereum or BTC? Are ETH and BTC not the “leading digital assets” known all over the world with strong brand names and “huge user bases”?

Basically, Bitcoin SV offers low cost transaction fees and scales unlike all other digital assets. So Streamanity as a platform provider does not have to worry about the electronic cash side of its service. Bitcoin SV works and so does Streamanity.

With Ethereum, we recently saw all time high transaction fees. You would not be able to get paid $0.01 per paid view on Streamanity if Ethereum was used instead of Bitcoin SV.

BTC is even worse. As of writing this article, it literally costs 27,894x more to transact with BTC than with Bitcoin SV. No micropayments possible with BTC:


Bitcoin SV offers not only low cost transactions and therefore enables micropayments, it also is stable—Streamanity conveniently uses Bitcoin SV and knows that the protocol will still be usable in a decade, too. All due to a stable protocol in Bitcoin SV, which is set in stone for developers to build their applications on. This is why businesses use Bitcoin SV.

The competitive advantages of Bitcoin SV against all other digital assets such as BTC or ETH are foremost stability, scalability and micropayments.

Streamanity uses Bitcoin SV because BSV serves what Bitcoin originally was meant to serve. 

Streamanity is just getting started

So we understand that Streamanity offers mind blowing opportunities for video creators and Bitcoin SV perfectly works as the cash system in the background. 

Isaac Morehouse is far from the only content creator making money on Streamanity as shown above, others do well:

410 paid views – price $1.00 each
625 paid views – price $0.25 each
993 paid views – price $3.00 each

It is worth it to point out again: you see niche content above and it pays well already! Keep in mind that Streamanity in its current form has only recently started. Imagine this Bitcoin SV driven ecosystem in a year or two. 

We are witnessing the beginning of a fully and directly monetized internet powered by Bitcoin SV.

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