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Lawrence on Roundtable
Interviews 21 February 2024

Uniting blockchain, AI, and IPv6 on CoinGeek Roundtable

Latif Ladid, Lawrence Hughes, and Mathieu Ducroux join Becky Liggero for the first episode of CoinGeek Roundtable in 2024, tackling IPv6 and how it can massively benefit sectors by integrating it with other emerging technologies.

Block Dojo Philippines boot camp - Kristoffer Briones
Business 19 February 2024

Filipino entrepreneurs embrace Block Dojo Philippines

Block Dojo Philippines unveils its first batch of cohorts, whose projects centered on key industries, from payments to education to e-commerce, all with the same goal—revolutionize the Web3 ecosystem.

Christine Leong - CoinGeek Presentations
Business 5 February 2024

The look of identity in the highly digital world

In her keynote presentation at the Digital Pilipinas Festival 2023, nChain CIO Christine Leong discusses the importance of having a decentralized digital identity as the world pivots to Web3.