Latest Run News

Tech 12 April 2021

The most difficult thing about learning to program is…

The token explosion in BSV and increased interest is a bullish sign for those wanting to build on Bitcoin, but the reality is there is still a huge gap between those who have ideas and those who can make them happen.

Tech 30 December 2020

Run on Bitcoin enters public beta

What sets Run apart from other token standards is the SDK’s ease of use, extensive documentation, and interactivity, Joshua Henslee writes.

Business 10 November 2020

OKBSV pioneers token exchange on-chain

RelayX has launched the second token on the RUN protocol—OKBSV—which is a derivative of actual BSV held on OKEx and FloatSV.

Business 23 September 2020

USDC is Bitcoin’s first stablecoin

USDC is the very first stablecoin to launch on the Bitcoin blockchain (BSV) thanks to a partnership between RelayX and Run.

Events 22 July 2020

Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 Day 2 recap

The second day of the Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 focused on the frameworks for building applications on the Bitcoin blockchain.