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Business 15 December 2020

How to earn Bitcoin via Twetch

If you are not already on Twetch you will want to sign up for it ASAP, there is no other social media app that lets its users profit by posting or own their own data.

Business 23 November 2020

TDXP—the people’s exchange

TDXP only takes custody upon the execution of the trade and leverages the instant transaction capability of Bitcoin to do so, Joshua Henslee writes.

Business 10 November 2020

OKBSV pioneers token exchange on-chain

RelayX has launched the second token on the RUN protocol—OKBSV—which is a derivative of actual BSV held on OKEx and FloatSV.

Interviews 13 October 2020

Jack Liu: People need a reason to use Bitcoin

RelayX founder Jack Liu talks to Dr. Michael Wehrmann about the success of Streamanity, onboarding new content creators and how to grow Bitcoin SV’s user base in general.

Business 8 October 2020

Look out for the RelayX web wallet

RelayX recently announced that they will be launching a web wallet and that their movile and web wallet will support tokens launched via RUN protocol.