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Jack Liu interview with Joshua Henslee
Business 13 November 2023

Is BSV flipping BTC locked in?

Bitcoin thought leader Joshua Henslee interviewed RelayX Founder Jack Liu and discussed hyperbitcoinization, the recent developments on the BSV blockchain, Hodlocker, and much more.

Relay Club 2.0 NFTs
Tech 1 November 2023

Relay Club 2.0 launches

With Relay Club 2.0 out in the market, users can now add any amount of BSV to an active NFT listing on RelayX with an additional locking feature against listing orders on-chain.

Gold physical Bitcoin with padlock on top of circuit board
Business 7 September 2023

Here are 4 use cases for locking coins

Locking up coins has recently been a hot topic in the BSV blockchain community, and this article will lay out four concrete use cases for this underused feature of Bitcoin's protocol.

Bitcoin session with black and white background and wooden base with portable background
Editorial 25 July 2023

1 satoshi fees are good for Bitcoin

Gone are the days of needing credit cards, exchange support, and stablecoins to acquire BSV—now, businesses can eat that tiny cost for their customers for literally fractions of a penny.