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Concept Of Virtual Wallet And Bitcoins On Printed Circuit Board
Business 25 May 2023

On-chain trading is the future of online commerce

Many economists and pundits are questioning the necessity of blockchain technology, as they ask what is the purpose of the Bitcoin system, if it requires the use of banking, accounts and dollars to operate.

Bitcoin on top of Money stack, against blurry background
Editorial 17 May 2023

BRC-20 and Bitcoin NFTs—A new era for Bitcoin?

Thanks to the smart folks who created the Ordinals, the BTC network exploded with activity recently, but sadly the network performance slowed to a halt, forcing even Binance to halt withdrawals.

Bitcoin crypto currency and finance concept
Editorial 16 May 2023

Bitcoin token war 2.0?

The future of Bitcoin and its tokens remains uncertain—will the digital currency community learn from its past and find a way to reconcile its differences, or is another civil war inevitable?