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Joshua Henslee interview on TODO BITCOIN YouTube channel
Interviews 3 February 2024

BSV after COPA: Joshua Henslee shares his thoughts

Regardless of the outcome of the COPA v. Wright trial, Joshua Henslee believes BSV will live on, telling TODO Bitcoin that the counterculture nowadays cares less about patents, cases, and lawsuits.

Bitcoin coins on a laptop
Tech 2 February 2024

Chaos ensues with ojbk deployment

The deployment of the BSV-20 token dubbed ojbk in early December has created chaos in the network, with some questioning the BSV blockchain's ability to scale.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency digital money network technology
Editorial 23 January 2024

Yawn—BTC ETFs are so boring!

While the SEC's passing of the 11 spot BTC ETFs created a frenzy, it was not enough to create another bull run, with many overlooking the actual development happening on the original Bitcoin.