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Digital network concept
Tech 18 October 2023

Did Satoshi Nakamoto support data on-chain?

Satoshi Nakamoto programmed Bitcoin Script to allow massive data but didn't necessarily think that large data payloads should be included; either way, he constructed Bitcoin for all types of transactions.

Bitcoin, Asset Seizure
Tech 5 October 2022

Asset seizure was possible in original Bitcoin

Today, many in the digital currency space believe asset seizure and freezing to be technically impossible, as the system is “decentralized” and it cannot be done due to being “simple math.”

Top view of on wooden cubes with words fake and fact
Tech 16 March 2022

A deep dive into Lopp’s ‘On BSV scalability’

In this piece, sCrypt’s Xiaohui Liu investigates the claims made by BTC evangelist Jameson Lopp in his recent article, focusing on technical and objective arguments, instead of philosophical differences.

Concept comment section
Tech 21 January 2021

Comment sections on Bitcoin

There are Bitcoin SV applications that feature content creation, but all have different means for commenting on content, Joshua Henslee writes.

The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 22
Business 15 August 2019

The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 22

In this week’s episode of the Bitcoin Vision, Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen highlights some of the major developments in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.