Relysia: Enterprise wallet solutions for bitcoin

Relysia: Enterprise wallet solutions for bitcoin

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You can’t do much on a blockchain without user-friendly applications that interact with it. One of the most crucial applications for the most common use case on BSV (payments) are wallets capable of handling mass volumes of transactions.

At CoinGeek New York, co-founder and CEO Robin Kohze of the BSV application developer Vaionex took the stage to introduce its new wallet Relysia.

As the number of applications being built on BSV increases exponentially, user-friendly wallets with next-generation features are being developed in tandem. That’s exactly what Vaionex outlined when it pitched Relysia.

What is Vaionex?

Vaionex is a BSV application developer with a diverse range of apps under its umbrella. It has developed BSV apps ranging from Satolearn, a way to play and learn while earning satoshis, to Metashard, a core BSV infrastructure app that enables creating, hosting, and uploading to the blockchain.

These applications are crucial as BSV develops and grows in the coming years. Robin opened his presentation with a focus on Vaionex’s new wallet, Relysia.

Relysia—a BSV wallet with extraordinary capabilities

Relysia is no ordinary wallet. While it does allow users to send Bitcoin (BSV) peer-to-peer, it has a few extra features that leave first-generation wallets trailing behind, such as:

  • Token minting and transferring for minuscule fees.
  • Token management allows managers to pay the fees.
  • Multi wallet and multi-platform integration.
  • An API that allows developers to interact with other BSV apps.
  • Integration of invoices to rival payment systems like PayPal.
  • Integration of NFTs and alternative tokens as payment.

As with everything in the BSV ecosystem, Vaionex has ensured complete regulatory compliance. Users can be sure that everything they’re interacting with via the Viaonex wallet is legal and above-board. That’s going to be increasingly important going forward as regulators clamp down on the illicit elements of the digital currency and blockchain industries.

Next-generation wallet for an infinitely scalable blockchain

Vaionex’s presentation at the CoinGeek New York conference made it evident that Relysia is streets ahead of other wallets, which only facilitate peer-to-peer transactions of so-called “cryptocurrencies.” This is in keeping with much of the development in the BSV ecosystem; while others are fighting for a share of the fee-gouging digital currency market, BSV application developers like Vaionex are thinking ahead and aiming to provide true utility at scale.

This is evidenced by the zero-fee infrastructure the wallet supports. Its token manager application allows managers to pay the fees for users to mint, swap, and send tokens. Since the fees on BSV are typically 1/1000th of a cent, this is economically viable, whereas it wouldn’t be possible on other blockchains.

The zero-fee infrastructure underscores the difference between the BSV ecosystems and many other blockchains; this isn’t about pumping token prices and generating fees. It’s about creating real, useful applications that solve problems for businesses and users.

To see a demo and read the developer documentation for this next-gen wallet, visit

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