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Artificial Intelligence Concept With 3d Earth Globe
Editorial 5 February 2024

How AI can be used in blockchain systems

While there are challenges in fusing artificial intelligence (AI) with blockchain, their integration outweighs any potential risks and could provide use cases beyond finance, but many global companies have yet to explore this.

Artificial Intelligence image concept
Business 1 February 2024

Central banks are adopting AI despite inherent risks

Even before artificial intelligence gained mainstream popularity, central banks have been utilizing the technology, according to a study by the BIS, which suggested the upskilling of workers on AI amid stiff labor market competition.

Visa and Mastercard cards
Editorial 15 January 2024

Fintech and Visa vs. Mastercard

Visa and Mastercard remain the giants in the payments industry despite having different business models, but with the evolving financial landscape, will they be able to maintain this?

Artificial intelligence or AI vector concept with human brain inside the microchip
Tech 26 September 2022

Zero-Knowledge private machine learning on Bitcoin

The application of Zero-Knowledge Proof machine learning on Bitcoin's neural networks allows sensitive data to be kept private while its algorithmic model is made public for transparency.