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Signature with ghost
Business 19 February 2024

Your electronic signature isn’t your identity

The COPA v. Wright trial is more than just a fight revolving around the real identity of Dr. Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto, but it also sheds light on how essential digital identities are.

Who gets hacked like this?! - CoinGeek Banner
Editorial 13 February 2024

Who gets hacked like this?!

The COPA v Wright trial not only highlights the vulnerabilities of security systems but also sheds light on corporate theft, which has been observed in numerous legal proceedings in the past.

Dr. Craig S. Wright in white suit
Editorial 12 February 2024

Craig Wright: ‘The Man in the White Suit’?

The COPA trial is reminiscent of the film "The Man in the White Suit," with not only the main character and Dr. Wright having similar fashion style but also seemingly foreshadowing his proceedings.

Craig Wright v COPA
Business 12 February 2024

COPA v Wright: Satoshi emerges from week one fully intact

Perhaps the biggest surprise of COPA v Wright’s opening week is that it saw very little of the explosive anger or verbal jousting that many had imagined for a trial which has the future of the digital asset industry as its stakes.