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CoinGeek and sCrypt image
Editorial 26 March 2024

Build the future with sCrypt

In this new chapter for BSV blockchain, the message is clear: the true measure of the blockchain's value lies not in the past controversies but in the innovations of the present and future.

Arc to Bitcoin
Tech 11 September 2023

ARC to Bitcoin!

ARC acts as a bridge to the Bitcoin network, allowing API access maintained by the commercial nodes (miners) of BSV blockchain, but instead of being connected to one node, it connects to several nodes at once.

Kurt Wuckert Jr on WhatsMiner
Tech 23 August 2023

The next evolution of WhatsMiner

In the world of Bitcoin mining, efficiency isn't the only metric that matters, which WhatsMiner seeks to prove as it competes with Bitmain's Antminer series that has long dominated the industry.