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Editorial 17 January 2024

The mystery of 26.9 BTC paid to the Genesis block

The 29.6 BTC security deposit to the Genesis block had many suspect it could be from Dr. Craig Wright and was made for core developers, creating an air of peculiarity that is hard to put aside.

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Editorial 15 January 2024

Satoshi’s secret in the Genesis block

While the answer to the mysterious transaction in the Genesis block has yet to be revealed, the technicalities of how the block and transaction were made only cement Satoshi as the one behind them.

Bitcoin's 15th birthday
Events 9 January 2024

Happy 15th Birthday, Bitcoin!

On Bitcoin's 15th birthday, Satoshi's vision for a scalable electronic cash system is alive and thriving—the BSV blockchain is the original Bitcoin, and it is scaling to levels Dr. Craig Wright always said were possible.

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Business 3 July 2023

The locked protocol

In this article, Zeming Gao explains the locked protocol on the original Bitcoin—BSV blockchain—and clarifies several common confusions about it.

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Business 4 February 2023

Genesis Upgrade: Bitcoin’s rebirth

After being hijacked by corrupt developers, Dr. Craig Wright and those who believed in his vision restored the original Bitcoin protocol by activating the second Genesis on February 4, 2020.

Happy Birthday Bitcoin
Events 9 January 2023

Happy Birthday Bitcoin!

Bitcoin was never intended to be used as a weapon for cybercrime but rather as a network that seeks to transform the global transaction system.

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Editorial 7 November 2022

We’re not early

Blockchain has been around for over a decade, and while numerous companies have adopted this technology, there have not been many notable solutions developed from this.