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Anti-CBDC with US flag
Business 1 March 2024

Anti-CBDC bill introduced in US Senate

The five senators, led by Senator Ted Cruz, claim that a digital dollar is the Biden administration’s attempt to illegally surveil citizens’ spending habits.

CBDC with digital background concept
Business 19 October 2023

Federal Reserve governor airs doubts over CBDC benefits

Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman has doubts about CBDCs, stating that “the potential uses of a U.S. CBDC remain unclear and, at the same time, could introduce significant risks and tradeoffs.”

USDC USD Coin stablecoin cryptocurrency gold coin on green screen background. Abstract concept 3d illustration.
Business 11 August 2023

US Federal Reserve issues stablecoin warning to banks

The U.S. Fed warned any state banks dealing with digital asset “Dollar Tokens,” or stablecoins, to obtain a written “supervisory nonobjection” before issuing, holding, or transacting in them.