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Business 6 January 2023

Why a Fed pivot won’t save ‘crypto’

The Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates is a reaction to the current market condition, which is facing headwinds, including inflation, stimulus checks, and the new pandemic work-from-home culture.

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Business 30 September 2022

Fed chair says DeFi isn’t transparent enough

James Powell, backed by prominent financial regulators, highlights the need to enforce appropriate directives to deal with "issues" concerning DeFi before they snowball and create a big mess.

Editorial 31 August 2022

Why did ‘crypto’ go risk-on from risk-off?

The risks of investing in the digital currency industry remain high as Fed continues to tighten its policies to counter inflation, while fear spreads among potential investors caused by manipulative platforms.

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Business 1 August 2022

Is Voyager Digital FDIC insured?

The Federal Reserve and FDIC claim that Voyager made "false and misleading statements, directly or by implication, concerning Voyager's deposit insurance status."