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BlackRock XRP ETF rumor leads to price swing
Business 17 November 2023

BlackRock XRP ETF rumor leads to price swing

The pump-and-dump of the XRP on Monday was triggered by reports of BlackRock's filing for an ETF in the U.S., which was confirmed to be fake, with the firm's exec saying it was made by "some whacko."

SEC on a wooden cubes with magnifier and calculator, financial concept background
Business 10 November 2023

SEC in talks with Grayscale over ETF do-over

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled that the SEC had failed to justify its rejection of the Grayscale spot ETF, particularly in light of approvals given to ETF applications.

bitcoin with block letters etf
Editorial 30 October 2023

Bitcoin ETFs—downside risk ahead!

Many in the so-called "crypto" industry herald the coming of spot ETFs as the 'opening of the BTC floodgates' to the average investor, practically assuring the jump in BTC price as a result.

gold bitcoins in front of stock exchange
Business 26 October 2023

Fools rush in: Anatomy of a BTC ETF price pump

The hike in BTC's fiat price last week is not because it is a "digital gold" with actual utility but based on rumors that the U.S. securities regulator is close to stamping its approval to BlackRock's IBTC ETF application.

BlackRock logo on smartphone in front of blue background
Business 22 June 2023

BlackRock’s spot BTC ETF is still a long shot

The digital asset market has its optimism renewed following BlackRock's application to start a spot BTC ETF, but with ETFs' grim history with the SEC, this could prove to be a long shot for the firm.